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Round JESUS Printed Neck Tee Letter Sleeve Heart Short twzTvcwq Round JESUS Printed Neck Tee Letter Sleeve Heart Short twzTvcwq
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.videoWrapper {
	position: relative;
	padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */
	padding-top: 25px;
	height: 0;
.videoWrapper iframe {
	position: absolute;
	top: 0;
	left: 0;
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
Whatever YouTube iframe embed code you paste within the .videoWrapper, you'll see it presented in a fluid 16:9 box.

Round Letter JESUS Neck Printed Tee Heart Short Sleeve But, but... aspect ratios, legacy content, non-tech users, etc.

The above technique is awesome, but it has several possible limitations:

  1. It requires wrapper element, so just straight up copy-and-pasting code from YouTube is out. Users will need to be a bit more saavy.
  2. If you have legacy content and are redesigning to be fluid, all old videos need HTML adjustments.
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  4. All videos need to be the same aspect ratio. Otherwise they'll be forced into a different aspect ratio and you'll get the "bars". Or, you'll need a toolbox of class names you can apply to adjust it which is an additional complication.

If either of these limitations apply to you, you might consider a JavaScript solution. Imagine this: when the page loads all videos are looked at and their aspect ratio is saved. Once right away, and whenever the window is resized, all the videos are resized to fill the available width and maintain their aspect ratio. Using the TCEC TCEC Cocktail Cocktail Selling Selling Selling Dress Dress Dress Cocktail TCEC Selling TCEC wH6nCCFqR JavaScript Library, that looks like this:

// Find all YouTube videos
var $allVideos = $("iframe[src^='//']"),

    // The element that is fluid width
    $fluidEl = $("body");

// Figure out and save aspect ratio for each video
$allVideos.each(function() {

    .data('aspectRatio', this.height / this.width)

    // and remove the hard coded width/height


// When the window is resized
$(window).resize(function() {

  var newWidth = $fluidEl.width();

  // Resize all videos according to their own aspect ratio
  $allVideos.each(function() {

    var $el = $(this);
      .height(newWidth * $'aspectRatio'));


// Kick off one resize to fix all videos on page load
}).resize();Boutique Wool Skirt Skirt Boutique Wool Boutique Wool tpwqd

Printed Sleeve Letter Short Tee Heart Neck Round JESUS Adding Vimeo

Round Neck Heart Short JESUS Printed Letter Sleeve Tee Vimeo uses iframes too, so what works for YouTube will work for Vimeo. The HTML/CSS technique doesn't need any alteration at all, and the jQuery solution could be fixed changing a single line:

var $allVideos = $("iframe[src^='//'], iframe[src^='//']"),
Updating our script to deal with Vimeo ain't no thing.

/ Video (Viddler,, etc.)

Some home-brew video embedding, as well as video sharing services like Viddler and, use old-school nested object and embed tags. YouTube also did it this was until fairly recently. It's old-school and non-standard, but this technique was very widely used because Flash was everywhere and it just worked.

Object/embed suffers from the same problem that iframes do, the width and height are required lest R&E results.

Without a set height, this object/embed collapses to 150px in height. Turns out also has this behavior, despite not being explicitly set in the User Agent (browser) default stylesheet.

For a pure HTML/CSS solution, we can again look to Thierry's solution if we're OK with adding additional HTML and imposing aspect ratio.

Heart Short Printed Letter Sleeve Neck JESUS Round Tee .videoWrapper {
	position: relative;
	padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */
	padding-top: 25px;
	height: 0;
.videoWrapper object,
.videoWrapper embed {
	position: absolute;
	top: 0;
	left: 0;
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;
JESUS Sleeve Tee Short Neck Heart Printed Round Letter
Letter Round Tee Sleeve Neck JESUS Heart Printed Short HTML & CSS gettin' it done, son.

JESUS Short Round Heart Letter Printed Sleeve Tee Neck If we don't want to bother with the extra HTML wrapper and CSS complications, we could again rely on JavaScript. Our script can remain largely the same, except we're going to look for object and embed elements rather than video or iframe elements.

Round Letter Printed Heart Sleeve Neck Short JESUS Tee var $allVideos = $("object, embed"),

And important to note: jQuery doesn't allow the use of it's .data() function on those types of elements, so we'll need to use HTML5 data attributesLetter Printed Short Round Tee Neck Sleeve Heart JESUS Short Neck Round Sleeve Printed Tee Heart Letter JESUS 2 to store and retrieve our aspect ratio data.

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   .attr('data-aspectRatio', this.height / this.width)


   .height(newWidth * $el.attr('data-aspectRatio'));Stretch Spiked Fox Boardshort Spiked Stretch Fox Boardshort Stretch Fox Stretch Fox Spiked Boardshort Spiked gwFq7Cx
JavaScript making it more foolproof.

Putting it all together

So let's say we are in the position where we have lots of legacy content, which includes videos of all makes and models, and we're redesigning our site to be fluid. The most efficient route is going to be combine everything we've learned in this article and put it together. See the demo page for the complete workings.

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This article and the demo are all available Promotion Levi's Levi's Promotion q8rwqf7.

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1 Literally all browsers will render iframe, canvas, embed, and object tags as 300px x 150px if not otherwise declared. Even if this isn't present in the UA stylesheet.
2 You could misuse a rel attribute or something if you aren't using HTML5.
  • Color:Gray
  • Type:Graphic Tees
  • Neckline:Round Neck
  • Sleeve Length:Short Sleeve
  • Pattern:Letter
  • Material:Cotton
  • Gender:Women
  • Bust(cm):S:92, M:96, L:100, XL:106, XXL:112, 3XL:116
  • Length(cm):S:65, M:66, L:68, XL:71, XXL:73, 3XL:75
  • Shoulder(cm):S:43, M:44, L:46, XL:48, XXL:51, 3XL:53
  • Sleeve Length(cm):S:16, M:17, L:18, XL:19, XXL:20, 3XL:20
  • Waist(cm):S:92, M:96, L:100, XL:102, XXL:106, 3XL:112
  • Shipping Weight:0.2KG
  • Processing Time:1-5 Business Days, excluding items marked ??ships in 24hrs??
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